Backspegel "Zombie"

Backspegel "Zombie"
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We’ve taken your run-of-the-mill skull and added 35% more angst and 20% more anguish to make these the nastiest mirrors on the street. Overall, the mirror head is about 3” x 4” with round glass 3” in diameter. The smoothly arched stem positions the center of the mirror head about 4-3/8” above and 5-1/2” outboard of the mounting point on the handlebar control. The adjustment mechanism is unlike anything out there; the swivel ball is captured between opposing pins. The pins are threaded to allow quick and easy tension adjustment. Hardware for a variety of H-D mounting applications is included. För montering på "metric cruisers" krävs ett adapterkit K-1445 (Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki) eller K-1446 (Yamaha). Detta beställs och köps separat.
Honda Models Universal
Kawasaki Models Universal
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