BCB Framskärms Kit (Honda 750 Aero & Phantom)

BCB Framskärms Kit  (Honda 750 Aero & Phantom)
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If you are painting your fender the primed surface is best since it is ready to lightly sand and paint. If you want the bare metal look, the bare aluminum fender would be great. We ship the bare fender with a light-grained surface using a 3M pad, rubbing lengthwise, using warm soapy water. To make the finish look the best on your bare fender, use a 3M pad or scrubbing sponge (these can be purchased at any grocery store - it's the yellow sponge with a green 3M pad on one side). You can refinish your bare fender at anytime using this process if your fender gets small scratches. No welding, drilling or cutting required. Our DVD shows easy install that takes just minutes
Honda Models Honda VT750 Aero,Honda VT750 Phantom

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