COBRA Fi2000 PowrPro Black (Bolt '14-17)

COBRA Fi2000 PowrPro Black (Bolt '14-17)
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The PowrPro Black tuner uses the latest smart chip and accelerometer technology to continuously read the bike’s EFI delivery every time the motorcycle accelerates in order to optimize the air/fuel mixture for optimized performance. With its Continuously Variable Tuning (CVT) (patent pending) technology, the PowrPro black will yet again revolutionize motorcycle fuel-injection tuning. Even more so because now it includes the option for fine-tuning non-acceleration fuel via bluetooth technology and a smart device based app. This new and improved version of the award winning PowrPro fuel tuner, now uses the latest accelerometer enabled software for precise real-time tuning. Once you install PowrPro Black you can say good-bye to old-school EFI “mapping products” and O2 sensor hassles. PowrPro Black reacts to the bike’s acceleration using its onboard accelerometer to adjust for the optimum air/fuel mixture, under every kind of load and under all existing conditions. Whether you’re lugging the engine or winding it out to redline: PowrPro reacts, verifies and adjusts instantaneously to current riding conditions. And that’s not just at peak power settings; PowrPro delivers perfect fuel metering any time the bike accelerates, for full power and the ultimate in smooth and crisp throttle response. And here’s the really great news, should you need to adjust your bike’s air fuel ratio outside of the acceleration area, you can do that now with your smart device. Simply go to your app store and search for the PowrPro Black app. Simple instructions on the app will guide you through the available tuning options. Through the app you will be able to:
  • Monitor the injector duty cycle to determine fuel injector performance
  • Add fuel for specific engine modifications tuning the low rpm and cruise fuel zones
  • Evaluate and monitor how much fuel the unit ads in specific tuning zones with a circular graph as well as light across the bottom of the screen
  • Take fuel away for specific tuning requirements
  • View RPM in real time
  • Simple reset tools allows you to return the unit to its stock settings
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