The Godfather -Kawasaki Meanstreak

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Painted in bronze metallic with "ghost flames" and with inspiration from the movie "The Godfather".

Muzzy Muffler 2-1.

Thunder Tornado air intake.

CN air filter.

Powerbox Powercommander PC 3.

Mapped Beviks in Linköping.

Front and rear turnsignals from Barons Custom.

Rear lights and license plate holder from Pro-One.

Pro-One handle.

Chromed choke button from Pro-One.

Number plate mount for side assembly from MTL Custom.

MTL Custom Voltage Regulator / Lighter Mount.

Board from Rick Doss, remodeled to fit Meanstreak.

Reduction rate from Progressive Suspension, 12 ".

Lowandmean engine spoiler.

Backscreen from Lowandmean.

Front screen from Lowandmean.

Chromed rear spoiler from Lowandmean.

Suspension bracket from Lowandmean.

Mirrors from Arlenn Ness.

Moved foot controller from Mapam.

Passenger sticks from Mapam.

Refurbished and slim orginal saddle with embroidered logo.

Chromed "skull shell" with built-in lighting, connected to rear and brake lights.

Chrome chrome fork from Kewl Metal.

High-gloss polished rims from Stockholms Metallsliperi. Högglanspolerad styrrona from Stockholms Metallsliperi.

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