Megaphone Slip-on for Exhaust (Yamaha XV950 Bolt)

Megaphone Slip-on for Exhaust (Yamaha XV950 Bolt)
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  • Brand: Low and Mean
  • Product Code: LM-317-1750
  • Delivery: 8-14 days
  • 2.319,98kr
  • Ex Tax: 1.855,98kr
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What to expect when ordering these pipes:
  • The 02 sensor will need to be removed from the motorcycle when installing this exhaust.  The 02 sensor can be removed at the weather pack connection just in case you will ever need to reinstall this part.
  • We recommend that you purchase a fuel controller with the megaphone other wise you take the risk of running your motorcycle to lean. We do offer few fuel controllers to choose from to help tune in your fuel injection system.
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